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(updated 22, August, 2019)


On A Raven's Wing....a site designed to promote my photography. However, that primary focus has changed....

In 2004, I developed Environmental Allergies. In my case, severe hypersensitivity to Electro-Magnetic Field Radiation. I lost my job, home, life-savings, friends and family due to this debilitation and survived only with the help and support of Gary Duncan and Smart Shelter Network (you can find my full story at www.smartshelter.com. Archived at http://web.archive.org/web/20110430092351/http://smartshelter.com/)

Thanks to the Land Steward Program, I was able to acquire safe housing and locate safe places to live. I regained my health and was able to live relatively pain free, but only so long as I could live in sites completely free of the radiation. I was able to rebuild my life and resurrect my art, which I thought I had also lost. But all of this only after years of living free from synthetic radiation and learning remediation techniques to deal with the continuing devastation of radiation exposure on town trips.

Events of the past several years have changed all that. With the proliferation of cell phone towers and the dangerous radiation they produce, those safe places are rapidly disappearing. Even in remote and isolated locations, finding radiation free sites is already nearly impossible...and getting worse. Something must be done...or we won't survive.

On A Raven's Wing will continue the Education and Advocacy work of Smart Shelter, using the techniques of the Land Steward Program to protect, preserve, and restore our Native Lands, It is also the perfect site to launch a new venture: taking the next step... to seek out a piece of property, remote and completely free from all Chemical Pollution and Electro-Magnetic Radiation, to purchase (or lease...or have donated) and maintain as The Raven's Nest, a refuge, a 'safe haven' for those who are so sensitized we can no longer live in so-called 'modern' society. To help with this process...On A Raven's Wing is in the process of becoming a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. So if you have some money and want to help. Need a tax break. We could use your help.

Thinking that none of this applies to you? Keep reading. Conservative estimates are that 5 to 15% of the world population is already Sensitized. However, if you factor in the mis-diagnosed people who are suffering from sleep deprivation, headaches, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, ADHD, Alzheimer's, M.S., etc., etc., those statistics become meaningless. Most researchers adamantly declare that "there is no living thing which is NOT effected by this radiation". Still think none of this applies to you? I would add one very important little word....yet.

My art will continue, although with less of the photography that is now so painful due to the radiation exposure from computer, scanner, printer, etc. Art must continue for it is the voice, the expression of the soul. My soul will now find its outlet in art that is hand-crafted, using items from the native landscape...walking sticks from tamarisk and Russian Olive wood, jewelry from deer antler, and musical instruments fashioned from gourds and native woods.

There is some of that on this site, along with the story of my truck...which is developing into something with a life all its own. Links for more information on Electro-Magnetic Fields, and a few stories just for the fun of it..


The Artist

What is a desde la terra artist? There are only a very few. An art form born of a love of the native lands, a dependence on it for survival in a unique and challenging lifestyle. A soft voice from the land itself.

Why A Raven?

Why not an eagle, a falcon, a wild turkey? Oh, well...have you ever seen a turkey fly? Anyway, read on for the explanation.

Advocacy and Activism

On A Raven's Wing is dedicated to the education, advocacy and assistance of those with Environmental Allergies, and also to protect, preserve, and reclaim our pristine wild lands - both on the ground and in the air. The places that those of us who are sensitized desperately need for survival. But, these lands are being destroyed. On the ground by off-road vehicle abuse and in the air by bombardment of cell tower radiation. Think there's nothing you can do??? Here are a few simple ideas to get you started.

EHS/ADSC Definition

So what exactly is this Electro-Sensitivity??? Well...you might have trouble finding a decent or accurate definition, but here is one we believe is the best out there.

Links and Resources for information on Electromagnetic Field Radiation

When I first became sensitized to EMf (in 2004), there was almost no information available on the internet and to get to the little that there was, you had to wade through miles of muck from the nay-sayers and the 'experts' who claimed it was impossible for low-levels of electromagnetic field radiation to cause any damage. Have things changed since then. The information available about the dangerous effects of EMF is exploding. It would take years to wade through all the resources, research and documents. Therefore, here is a list ( only partial, but will add to as I find good ones) of some resources that I have found.

Gary's Own Story

When I became hyper-sensitized, I would not have survived if not for Gary Duncan and the Smart Shelter Network. He taught me what this was, how to live with it, how to remediate the devastating effects of exposure, how to find safe places and build my own house, repair my truck. Finally, here is a part of his story. http://electroplague.com/tag/colorado/

The Killing Fields

Researchers are now confirming what we the Electro-Sensitive have intuitively known all along. That this radiation is killing, not just us, but living thing....birds, insects, wildlife, and...our forests. I've been wanting to add pictures for years...but haven't found the time. But...here's an excellent article from Catherine at elecricalpollution.com.

Electro-Magnetic Health

When I first developed Electro-sensitivity (in 2004) and began talking to people about it, there was instant denial...this couldn't be real. Now, 7 years later, that denial is gone. Most people still don't know anything about it, but they accept that it exists. So what has changed? I really don't know, but with this acceptance, it's now time to start educating people about the facts. To this end, I've begun a series of newspaper articles...to be published regionally, and also here. Click here to see a listing of articles. (Still under construction).

The Saga of the Chinook

Go ahead and check the dictionary, then throw that idea immediately out the window. You're not even close. This is the story of my truck...which is also my home.

And the Saga Continues!

Looks like we're just getting started. People have loved this story and so it must continue - although it may turn out to be more of an epic. Where will it ever end.

We're Still Running

Haven't been able to update the Chinook story for a few years, (hope to do that eventually...lots has happened) but, finally...here's the latest.

Quoth the Raven DSC02137

N ot a tribute to Poe, but a collection of essays and short stories...some humorous, some not, some fiction, but all based somewhat on my art and lifestyle, including the story of Edgar, the cat (he was named for Poe), who became ill from electromagnetic radiation.


What is there in some people who see what others can't....the patterns of nature, the grace of a gnarled juniper, the subtle colors of sculpted sandstone. I don't know, and neither, I suspect, does anyone else. I used to think that part of my love of photography was just in the being in nature, surrounded by its majesty, wrapped in its smells and sounds , enveloped in its peace. Perhaps that's true. Now I live there, 365 days a year, in some of the most beautiful places in the country, and the allure is still there, the desire to capture that which cannot be captured, the desire to share that indescribable beauty with others. So, for whatever reason, here it is. Click for a sampling of my art.

Walking Sticks

Part of Smart Shelter's Land Steward Program is dedicated to inventing productive uses from otherwise unwanted species, hence the creation of Walking Sticks made from the wood of Tamarisk and Russian Olive. Ruth has taken the concept a few steps further and is now creating pieces of art, decorating the sticks with feathers, beads from native alabaster, marble and deer antler.

Land Stewardship

Part of Ruth's lifestyle involves the care of the native lands, protecting pristine areas, restoring wildlife habitat, helping it heal from the abuses of mankind.

This and That

A collection of developing E Books, community activism, current art projects, a 'spare parts' drawer.


contact: ruth@onaravenswing.com