When I suddenly became disabled with severe EMF (electro-magnetic field) hypersensitivity, I lost everything...home, job, security, friends, family, even my art. It was a time of utter exhaustion, desperation, and despair. During that horrible time of struggle, the only person willing, and possibly able, to give the help and support I desperately needed was Gary Duncan and Smart Shelter Network. I remember he kept encouraging me...telling me I could handle this, things would get better, that one day I would fly.

That meant more to me than I can ever express, and I have never forgotten those words. I'm still not ready to do a lot of solo flying yet, still needing some support and encouragement. Still struggling with days when I'm down and can't seem to get off the ground, but every now and then I get the energy to take off and enjoy life again... to fly.

So why a raven and not a majestic eagle or a swift, silent falcon? Many people think of ravens as pests, dirty, noisy, symbols of evil, but living on the land, watching them in their native habitat, I have seen them in a whole new light. They are intelligent, vocal, artistic, fun-loving, curious creatures. I've seen them fly along a cliff, calling to each other, just to hear the echo. They seem to love the wind, soaring, diving, doing barrel-rolls, and then squawking as if to say, "see that?" They take time to play with the land, enjoying part of each day...and we need to do the same, perhaps especially those of use who are so disabled and challenged in just to survive.. In spite of the difficulties and desperation, we have been granted many blessings, and need to take the time each day to appreciate them.

On A Raven's Wing is a reminder to do just that.