The Killing Fields

(3 July, 2017)

Please forgive some of the distorted/bad color on the photos. That was my fault in getting this online.I've included Catherine's original email cause she says this so well. I'm so tired of hearing how to "use your cell phone safely". Ain't no such thing folks...

Dear All-

Please take time to read the webpage below, also at It is so important that everyone understand that their choice to use wireless technology is having real and devastating effects on trees and wildlife. The tree that I document in one photo series below is now dead and the one next to it is dying. It took less than a year to die.

All wireless technology is responsible, holding the phone away from your head will not stop this. Every call, every text, every wireless update contributes to this environmental devastation in two ways. One, using wireless technology is like driving around in a gas guzzling vehicle all the time - yes, its true. Wireless technology uses far more energy to accomplish the same task than wired technology. Two, the radiation from wireless technology is dangerous. It causes biological effects at levels far below what wireless devices emit. This is discussed in detail below.

Additional important steps for environmentally friendly technology use include: turning off computers when not in use; storing your files locally; and backing them up on a backup that can then be unplugged and kept turned off between backups.

Please take action to save our planet. Only use wireless technology in actual emergencies. Keep it turned off at all other times.

Please circulate this information widely on social media and send it to environmental groups. Contact your local and federal officials. Time is of the essence.

Best, Catherine