Edgar the cat - Humans aren't the only ones effected by Electromagnetic radiation. Read the story of one of my cats who became deathly ill.

Dancing In The Snow - a story of living on the land from a slightly different perspective.

Non-Voluntary Exile - a response to a writers workshop recently attended.

Living With Environmental Allergies - an attempt to describe what we who are afflicted with environmental allergies have to deal with in order to survive. It's something that even those most empathetic struggle with so I've tried to explain and put our reactions into terms familiar to most everyone. We don't, as many seem to think, dislike aromatherapy products simply because we don't like the smell. We don't avoid electricity, cell phones or wi-fi because we've been brain washed or are into some New Age woo-woo.

The Neighbors - a light-hearted look at some of my neighborhood friends.

Ruth's Mom - My mother died this past November (2014). Because of my Hypersensitivity and the rsevere estrictions that places on my ability to travel...I had not been able to see her for 10 years. When I heard that she'd had a stroke and was not expected to live...Gary wrote this beautiful story, telling some of my struggle and her response. I'm including it here as a tribute to her.


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