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It would take me years to go through all the information I am now finding on the Internet, (many I have only had the chance to quickly scan). There is now so much information, I am finding good sites faster than I can thoroughly review and add. These are some of what I've found ...and like. However, since there is no way for me to throughly investigate all on these sites.. I make no claims as to the reliability or truth of any information that you find. As with anything, it is up to you to be the final judge.

Since there is now this explosion of information...I'm dividing these sources into catagories....Documents, Books, Websites, and DVD's. I hope you will take the time to read/and or view many of these as there is not only some great information....many will help explain why we feel as we do. No...this is not all in our heads...there are now numerous scientific research studies proving what we feel.


Electrical Fields Can Kill

I don't know where I found this article, or who wrote it, but it's a great place to start for some basic information. It was apparantly written some time ago and unfortunately does not include anything about the explosion of toxic wireless communication radiation with which we are now saturated. Still...good information.

YourPatientIsNotCrazy.pdf Your Patient.pdf

An excellent article by Catherine Klieber of electricalpollution.com, directed to the health care professional.


This one should open your eyes! And yes. It is real. Just open your eyes, be observant. do a little research and come to your own conclustions. I've had trouble getting pdf's to load, so if you can't get these, contact me and I'll send them to you via email.




This is one site that I can fully recommend. It is written by persons who are themselves extremely sensitized and know what they are talking about. This link, http://www.smartshelter.com/RFemfintro.htm , takes you to a document called Intro to EMF. What I call EMF 101. Although written several years ago, (we have for instance, now learned that some, if not all, of the damaging effects of emf radiation comes from attacks to the acupuncture points and meridians), this is the place to start. It is an excellent basic document on just what electromagnetic fields are, where they come from, how they can effect us, and what are some things we can do to protect ourselves. The server has been having some problems with this site. If you can't connect, here's the archive address: http://web.archive.org/web/20110430092351/http://smartshelter.com/


A link to an excellent article on the dangers of cell phone towers and other EMF sources. The author, unfortunately, makes no mention of the radiation sources coming from our power lines....broadband over the power line, digital tv, and all the other frequencies now being 'piggy-backed' onto electrical power lines, turning virtually every power line in the country into a cell phone tower. Think about that as you read the article. He also claims at the end of the article that we don't truly know if this radiation is killing us. How much evidence does he need??? We do know, and it is. Us, and every other living thing on the planet. The evidence is overwhelming.


This site is a great one.... From England. An amazing accumulation of research and information from around the world. (Did you know that California now has an Electric and Magnetic Fields (EMF) Program? Chile is taking down cell towers and in Bahrain, they are rioting and burning them down. Way to go....My thanks and congratulations for the folks who put this together).


An excellent resource from Canada. Has turned into one of my favorites to keep up with what is happening in this field.


A report of scientific research dealing with the biological effects of EMF.


An excellent site for information about EMF (from the U.S. Many are from Europe or Canada-countries who are way ahead of us on this) and what is being done about its dangers. You can sign up for their email list for notification about current issues...some of which you can participate in. Get ready to get lost in this one.


A powerful site. Check out the International Policy Actions on Wireless page...country by country...what they've done to protect children and the environemnts. (The U.S. is not on it).


Here is a site I just came across and the information is amazing. Will take years to go through this.....


There are those who contend that we need more research...more evidence that EMF radiation is real...and dangerous. Read this site. We ARE the evidence.


A new site and looks like another one you can get lost in...with many articles and then a listing of more websites.


The EM Radiation Research Trust. Another site I just came across, but looks like an excellent one from Great Britain There is a monthly newsletter to download.


The website of a doctor (a psychologist in Seattle) who is amazingly informed about EMF and its dangerous health effects. Has a listing of numerous articles.


Just ran across this one, so you're on your own. www.iaff.com The International Association of Fire Fighters website. With the construction of cell phone, and other radio towers on top of most fire stations, firefighters were among the first to become seriously affected by their radiation. Fire Fighters are developing brain cancers and tumors at rates way above the average population - and are calling for a moratorium on the construction of new towers. Great information.


As a rule, we do not condone or recommend any sites that sell products which they claim to shield you from emf radiation. Particularly fraudulent items such as Bio-pro or Q-link. Unfortunately, as the dangers of emf become more advanced, so too will the hucksters trying to make a buck off those of us desperately seeking some relief from our pain. Pond scum will cure you of whatever ails you! This site is one exception. They do sell shielding fabrics. They also carry an impressive line of meters, which are extremely helpful in tracking emf in your environment, and have links to some very good research and documents on emf.

As to the shielding fabrics, we have purchased a few to try out, but with no verifiable or clear results at this time - although a couple show some promise.


This site is a sort of bulletin board for victims of EMF Radiation (particularly the RF from Cell Phone Towers) to tell their stories, share information, ask for help. There are postings from all over the world. Don't think you're alone. This stuff is everywhere!


An organization based in Tucson, Arizona. For some quick facts, check out their 'Expert Opinion' page.



'Take Back Your Power'...Smart Meters. A great movie. And good advice.

'Resonance...Beings of Frequency'...We - humans - have an electromagnetic pulse which is in tune with the earth. Synthetic radiation (EMF pulses) are playing havoc with that. An amazing film.

'What in the World are they Spraying' and 'Why in the World are they Spraying'...chem trails. Yes, they are real and doing unbelievable damage to the environment. You must see these.

'Bag It'...recycling. An excellent film.

'Full Signal'...cell towers. One of the first and still a good one.

'Chemerical'...a family goes chemical free for a test. You won't believe the difference in them after a few months of removing chemicals from their lives.

"Grounded" - a documentary from an Alaskan film maker discovering the remediative effects of grounding for the Electro-Sensitive and other debilitations. A bit problematical, but factual and real.

" The Sensitives" - while very accurate in its protrayal of the pain and debiitation caused by their sensitivity (both chemical and electro), it is very poorly done. Giving almost no information or explanations of what is going on. Nor do they have any solutions. Afraid I can't recommend this one.


'OverPowered' by Martin Blank, Phd. "What science tells us about the dangers of cell phones and other wifi-age devices." Excellent information. Good scientific research...and notes. Complex information that he has done a great job in making very understandable. My only complaint is that he only briefly addresses the danmages these technologies are causing to all other living things. Still...everyone should read this book.

"The Body Electric" and "Cross Currents" by Dr. Robert O. Becker One of the first to examine the dangers of synthtic EMF radiation.

"Dirty Electricity "by Dr. Sam Milham State epidemeologist for Washington State, Dr. Milham has connected our 'modern' diseases with the spread of electricity.

"Electronic Silent Spring" by Katie Spring. A very good book, the title a take-off of Rachael Carson's "Silent Spring" where she unravels the dangers of DDT.

Electromagnetic Man Sorry, but don't know anything about this one yet. An interesting title though.

"The Invisible Rainbow" by Arthur Firstenberg. New 2017. An extensive history of EMF's effects over the past 3 centuries. Big! 400 plus pages, but stunningly well referenced and annotated. Have only just started reading...and it is amazing. Electro-sensitivity began with the first experimentations with electricity! And was well-known to physicians and researchers at that time. Lots of information. A must read.

Disconnect by Devra Davis, Ph.D. Don't bother with this one. While she does give good information about the research that has shown definite, dangerous health effects from exposure to cell phones, like many more incidents of brain cancers, breakage of DNA strands, leakage in the blood brain barrier, deeper invasion into the brains of children, and more (enough proof for me and should make you want nothing more to do with any cell phone) she then says we need more research. And only focuses on cell phones themselves saying absolutely nothing about the radiation from the towers or wifi. Doesn't even mention that the WHO has already classified radiation from cell phones - and all other forms of wireless - as a Class 2B carcinogen. The very same as second-hand smoke. She seems to think that if we can just make the phones themsleves safer, we're all ok. Doesn't matter what happens to the rest of us, or every other living thing on the planet. I guess we could all live in rooms filled with second-hand smoke and be ok too.

Zapped by Ann Louise Gittleman I am only including this one because she gives good information in the front of the book. And some interesting nutrition stuff in the back. Forget about the rest. After telling us how destructive EMF radiation is to not only us...but all living things...especially from wireless. "Your body goes on 'red-alert when exposed to EMF...EMF damages cellular DNA...disrupts normal cell division...even low levels can affect the thyroid..." She then spends the rest of the book trying to tell us how to continue to use these devices...safely DSC02256 Here's her picture from the book.

Have you ever seen anyone so frazzled/fried? Looks like her techniques are working great, eh? This woman is severely Electro-hypersensitive...but desperately trying to prove that she can still live with all her 'toys'. And this is pretty good proof that is not working.





On the other hand...here is a photo of Maritn Blank. Author of Overpowered. DSC02258

He looks calm, serene, sane. He shows scientific evidence that this technology is not safe...at any level. It's dangeous. Deadly. Our bodies can NOT adapt to it. "we did not evolve as biological organisms to live in this ty;e of world...the result is genetic mutation, biological dysfunction, and disease." He tells us to get rid of it!




You should be able to find most of these at your local library. If not, request them...or order them and then donate. Many are available from Amazon.


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