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(originated 17 November, 2916)

Spring 2016

Sorry it's been so long since I've added to the Chinook story. And one of these days I'll go back and fill in those last few years. (we should live so long) But...the Chinook is still going strong, and so am I. Despite the fact that the environement continues to get worse...I - and those other few who live this lifestyle - continue to get better. No one else I know can claim that. And the number of people who are becoming sensitized continues to escalate - right along with the escalation of the wireless radiation that, despite being listed as a known carcinogenic, people continue to saturate themselves in it 24/7. Is this insanity, or what? A death wish of some sort? I just heard a woman so excited because her new car came equipped with wifi!!! Can you imagine. She...and how many others like her...are on the roads - with you.

Our environment just continues to deteriorate...and have you noticed that everyone you see in town is now stressed. Can't remember anything. (which is nothing but a reaction to wiresless radiation) Scientist know that EVERYONE is being effected by this whether they can feel it - like we do - or not. No one is immune. My friend's son - who is pretty much addicted to video games - when he tried to limit his time in wifi - exclaimed..."but it isn't contagious!" No...but if you don't limit your exposure...you WILL end up just like me. Or worse...your body will react to the toxic radiation with cancer, brain tumors, early Alzheimer's or dementia, or one of the other "modern" diseases that are also escalating...right along with the wireless craze.

I actually consider myself fortunate. My body will not allow me to remain in the toxic environment. It is way too painful to even consider. And I have made a very good, although difficult, life for myself. This lifestyle isn't for everyone. Just take a look at the requirements - The Land Steward Page.

But...on with my story. I'm not sure when it happened...but somewhere along the way, the Chinook has become, not just my house...but my home. I lost everything when I became Electro-Sensitized…my job, my house, friends, even family. That old life could not be rebuilt. Instead, I have been able to create an entirely new - and in some ways - a better one. The Chinook has been a huge part of that, but that could not have been accomplished without the help of some kind, wonderful people who have come into my life. Gary Duncan of Smart Shelter Network. Jean, Betsy, and Della Austin of Circle A Organices, Warren Barker, Jeff Riddle, and many, many others. People whose names I will never know, but lent a helping and understanding hand when it was desperately needed. A heartfelt "thank-you" to all of them.

I remember pulling out that first summer...wondering if I was going to be able to live in it.. less than 50 square feet. Now...I can't imagine life without it. And I can't believe the reactions I get from driving around in my truck. Everyone, (well...almost everyone) loves it. I get honked at, waved to, thumbs up. I've almost gotten used to coming out of a store...and there are people gathered around the Chinook...taking pictures, of course. I would actually rather be a bit more anonymous, but the artwork has taken on a life of its own...I'm just the one holding the brush. It's a work that will never be finished. And it has become my way of introducing the horrors of Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity - and especially the cell phone and wifi radiation - to people...most of who have never heard of or even imagined such a thing. .I have a ready-made/interested audience..and all because of a truck.

And so...what's new in my life??? Well. I just finished my 6th winter in Arizona. Nearing my 7th in the Chinook. And I am so happy to report that photography is back in my life. Even though I've had my little Sony pocket camera, I missed having a 'real' camera. And last spring, I finally purchased a Nikon 35mm digital camera. And I love it!!! And have been having a ball. Can't do the photography that I used to. Just can't be the 'right' places, at the 'right' times, but there is still a lot I can do. Here's a sample of my latest project.


I hope to create an ebook of sorts with some of these panoramas. Stay tuned:)


Summer 2016shannonsmash

My but time flies. My Dad always told me this as a kid...but I did't believe him, but wow...was he right. Summer's nearly done and looking forward to fall.

On my 'spring' trip to Utah, we had our annual SMASH! What a hoot! Time for music, stories, dance instead of whining about how awful we're feeling and how terrible everything is.

And the most fun???? We Smashed cell phones! Yep. what a good feeling. We're not victims anymore.

We're planning another one...so stay tuned.









Had a great summer - again. Once again I spent most of the summer along the Mogollon Rim in Arizona. 7000 foot ponderosa pine forests. Gorgouus country. And looking like I'll be doing some trail restoration work with the forest service next summer. Should be fun.


Fall 2016

Falls usually mean a trip back to Colorado and Utah...and once again they did. But this time...I was able to take the 'scenic' route.

Two years ago - while in Utah in the fall - I was notified that my Mom had suffered a stroke and was not expected to live. Those of you who have followed my story and know of this Sensitivity, also know that although I can travel out here in the west....I can't go to Oklahoma. Just too far, too flat, and no public or safe places for me to stay. I've fought with this for years. Wanting so much to see Mom again - knowing her time was getting short. But just never able to figure out a way that I could make the trip and have a chance of surviving.

So when I learned of Mom's stroke, I knew then that I would never see her again, but I needed somewhere to deal with the grief. DSC1746Edit2

Chaco Canyon has always been a special place for me, and so I decided that I would go there and have my own private 'memorial' to Mom. I spent several days there...just wandering the ruins, remembering Mom, and working through the loss. I"ve been back several times and it's now an even more spiritual, special palce for me.(you can read more about Mom in Mom's Story)

This fall, I was able to visit on the night before the full moon.

Oh...what a magical time that was!




And then...I got to visit Monument Valley during the next full moon.


I'd always wanted to visit there, but never seemed to have the time or energy on the way through. But this year I decided to make the time. But where to stay??? I knew they had a campground, but had no idea if it would be somewhere that I could stay. Although...now that I've been living away from the toxic radiation for so long, I know that I can - occassionally - when needed - tolerate a night where otherwise I couldn't. So...I decided to take the chance.

The 'campground' wasn't much more than a gravel parking lot, but it looked out over the Valley. It wasn't in anyway safe for an Electro-Sensitive, but the power lines were several miles away and no towers, so I thought I could manage a night. And the view was spectacular! But...after I'd picked out my site and paid for it, the guy gave me the combination for the showers. And then the password for the wifi! Oh no....but what was I going to do.

You know... I just don't understand how - or why - anyone whould want to sleep in such toxic radiaiton as what wifi puts out. It's been many years since the World Health Organization classified any wireless as a class 2B carcinogen. That puts wifi and cell phones in the same catagory as 2nd-hand smoke. Can you imagine sleeping in (or sending your child to a school in) a room filled with cigarette smoke??? Insanity, if you ask me. Or a pretty serious addiction.

Anyway...I survived the night, but only by packing my head with dirt bags. No sleep. But...for my misery, I was rewarded with this.



Now...on to Arizona for the winter.





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