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Over the past two decades in excess of 200 very remote location sites have been identified, adopted and maintained in a program based on extreme remote locations known to be radiation and chemically safe in the Tabauache Corridor of Western Colorado and South Eastern Utah...nd is now being expanded into New Mexico and Arizona. Sneffles1

It is not enough to find and flee to these locations. The biosphere has been severely damaged not only by needless radiation and inappropriate chemical abuse...but even more by motorized recreation, cattle grazing, decimating vacationers and incompetent governmental management. We restore all of that as well...while the environment heals us. This synergetic, quid-pro-quo approach to environmental sanity, restoration and sustainability produces results beyond description...but the qualifications and conditions are steep. Very few will be found willing to do this. We're looking for the ones who will.

Here's the list:

(1) Off-Road equipped all weather, nonmetallic, self-sustaining vehicle/camper. These can be no more than 100 sq. feet, tow behind converted trailer or motor home rig...preferably 4 wheel drive. No aluminum shells. Completely independent of any need for services and connections. We have built several of these from scratch...super insulated, water catchment, passive solar design, DC electrical power, absolutely no wireless equipment of any kind and completely independent total living environments for winters at 10 below zero and summers at 100 above. These aren't the typical RV...but that's often how they start out. We can show you how to convert them to comfort and sanity...but it'll be up to you. If you aren't a carpenter and mechanic... we can fix that, too.

(2) No alcohol, drugs, pharmaceuticals, cannabis, tobacco, smoking, fires, or pets.

3) Capacity to thrive on solitary and remote conditions alone in nature...we have developed and can recommend/teach native plant edibility/ diet, herbal medicinal applications, wild land product art/crafts development.

(4) Willingness to work...we spend an hour each day restoring damages to these pristine locations with hand weed control, site clean up, native product road maintenance, habitat restoration and law enforcement surveillance and support. We find that the biosphere returns in spades the energy we put into it to curtail inappropriate human abuses...producing stunning recovery from the effects of chemical and electromagnetic toxification. You have to experience this to believe it. We'll teach what you don't know. If your current exhaustion level seems to make this kind of work impossible...that will change dramatically for the better once you're there, safe and engaged....even though to most that appears impossible...we live with the reality of this hope daily for the past 10 years.


valleyofgods(5) Due to the solitary and isolated nature of these locations and program...we have found and recommend healthy community interface activities including participation in 12 Step Recovery Programs, music events, Contra Dances, writer's groups, herbalists/ wild edible organizations, Weston Price Foundation, etc.


(6) Willingness to do advocacy, public education, political, presentation and one-on-one support of others in identifying, researching, developing and assisting the chemical and electrosensitization communities as well as the public at large toward the end of turning this disaster around before more disaster ensues. We play hardball and are serious about not losing.



If you've made it through this list and are still

Gary Duncan

375 South Main St #110

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Ruth Davis

P.O. Box 1422

Ouray, Colorado 81427 (summer)

P.O. Box 1864

Oracle, Arizona 85623 (winter)

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