"If we centered an accumulation of the most willing and proactive Electro Sensitives on the Planet into one of the most pristine geographies left for safe havens...then rise the Electro Sensitive Community to dominance in politics, land ownership and communities...can we make a region of environmental sanity to carry us into the only future we have any possibility left to invent???"

If we don't do this...then no future of any kind will ever come to exist.




10,000 square miles of some of the most severe and spectacular terrain on the North American Continent.






The triangle between Aspen and Pagosa Springs (Colorado) and Moab (Utah)

(And now also including the Arizona desert and 'rim country'.)






The scenic film backdrops for "Thelma And Louise", "How the West Was Won", "Indiana Jones", "True Grit", and "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid"





From 4,000 to 14,000 ft elevations...

sheer desert redrock canyons to spiralng glaciered mountain peaks...

all within 60 miles of each other.






20 hot springs, many postage stamp canyon villages, lots of Electro Sensitive Safe Private Land...

some for sale.


Could this become the centering Safe Haven...a Refugium...for the next generation of homo-sapiens...the Electro Sensitives ...the Environmental Allergenics...those of us who no longer have a choice about living in the toxic and unwarranted crap of a failed corporate/consumer/capitalist nightmare???


If we don't invent the future's appropriate technology and the communities that base themselves on this and a better way of living...

Then there will be no future.


For the past 20 years..Smart Shelter Network...has inventoried land and safe sites in the Tabauache Corridor at the same time it acquired state of the art research into Environmental Allergenics through the International Scientific Community.... studied and documented Natural Building forms, networked the Sustainability Movement here and piloted its Electro-Sensitive Land Steward Program.


We're not looking for those focused on fleeing the collapsing fried toxic urban environment in search of a safer rock to crawl under.


We are seeking out those courageous few who see that Chemical and Electro-Sensitization are not anomalies or accidents...they are the mandate to change the way we live and relate to the planet...and are willing to do it.


We know better than anyone else in the area...where the radiation and pesticide sources are, how the land lays, where the protected bastions remain, and how to acquire or access them.


If you're one of those who is willing to carry the human race into its only hope for a are the ways we can help you do it...(all..just as in every part of our work for the past 20 years...completely free of any costs and never engaging in product sales of any kind):


1) Relocation finder assistance...for those seeking safer (no where is completely safe) static locations (ones that don't move), communities, etc...we can direct you to places to investigate and quickly familiarize you with terrain, seasons, climate and availabilities, along with known profiles of politics, other sensitives in the area, how to form support groups and asceed to leadership in the communities ...which will form the future here regarding safe lifestyle and sanity.

(2) Private Property Purchases... the last 10 years of Refugee Land Stewardship Program development has produced a knowledge base of safe locations, private property availability, powerline, cell tower, microwave installation and toxic chemical conditions in virtually the entire 10,000 sq mile area of the Tabauache well as identified safe private property parcels and their availability for purchase...sometimes including hot springs (we already arranged one hot springs sale here) Utilizing this information before you buy anything here thinking it will be a safe haven could have saved those already having made mistakes hundreds of thousands of dollars. You could head the line of electrosensitives positioned to own their own Refiugium from repeating the mistakes.

(3) Electro-Sensitive Community Development...because of our backgrounds in Natural Building, Sustainability, Land Stewardship and Chemical/ Electrosensitization...along with ties to the International Research/ Advocacy Community...we are authorities in basing the formation of new communities on sound appropriate technology geared to proactively not only provide safe living environments...but also to repair the damages of past misuses. It will not be enough to remove wireless communication from our domicile...the entire community structure, lifestyle and economics are going to have to change...on pain of reinventing the nightmare we already endure.

(4) Smart Shelter Land Steward Program...this is hardly for everyone...but has produced the only electrosensitives which year after year get consistently better while those remaining in the urban/ grid connected / static domicile mess get worse. Its a deeply seasoned program based on the real Refugees...those living in the remotest (consequently severest...not to forget: safest) environs attainable here...but with selection criterions well beyond any others we know. If you're willing to give up all the conventional conveniences, interface with the wild as a lifestyle and repair what others have destroyed while the wild restores you in the might want to consider this program.

(note: at this time...On a Ravens Wing, which originated with the work of Smart in the process of developing an identical Land Stewardship site location inventory in Western New Mexico and Arizona and may be able to provide assistance for participants there)


(link to EHS Land Steward Program Page)


(for information regarding any of these is best, but snail mail will do)


Gary Duncan

375 South Main St #110 Moab, Utah, 84532


Ruth Davis

( summer) P.O. Box 1422

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(winter) P.O. Box 1864

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